Phoenix, AZ

cloudIT, LLC3CX Silver Partner

3CX Reseller
Total yearly revenue- $3mil Total yearly revenue in telecom solutions- $500k Sales geographic territory (countries, regions, ect.)- # of customers you service- 5000 msp % of revenue from new customers (vs existing)- Have you been a 3CX reseller?- no Do you sell other PBX’s- Years on incorporation- 2yr # years selling VoIP solutions- # of sales staff? # technical support staff?- 4 sales Dedicated for 3CX?- 1 cert. 2 for sure Do you have a customer ready to place an order with us now?- Do you offer managed services- yes Do you have any other Vendor relationships?- Target Market? (SMB, Mid-Market, Enterprise)- SMB Sales Strategy? (Inside Sales, Field Sales, Both)- Why 3CX?- has better Cti integration.

location  920 E Madison St Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States badge badge
phone  +1 602-875-5400